About Halvad


The Halvad Revitalization Initiative works to invigorate the 15th century citadel in the small town of Halvad in Gujarat and transform it into a beacon for inquiry in cultural and heritage immersion.

Scholars, writers, painters, musicians, filmmakers, philosophers and anthropologists will be invited to live and work in this magical place, its gardens, its intimate rooms ornamented with medieval finely carved wood.

Immersed in Samastar lake, part scholars’ crucible and part theatrical arena, residents will be surrounded by art, music, sculpture, theater, storytelling, dance and exploration of the intersections between the concerns of the present generation alongside pastoralism, industries of salt manufacturing, and new energies as harnessed and expressed by solar and wind technologies. This social experiment seeks to become a productive center of inquiry.

The town of Halvad will offer opportunity to visitors to engage with local bards, musicians, yoga teachers, aryuvedic specialists, painters and the expansive environs of the floating desert.

This embrace will bring the global world to Halvad even as it offers the cultural riches of the floating desert to persons who seek to walk a different walk and who wish to explore an alternate world. Here memory and prophecy are the springboards of new visions that are birthed by the accidental encounter of forces and philosophies that have their origins in different parts of the world and whose sensibilities are refined in rarified cultural enclaves of specific uniqueness.

Every new technology will find place to ensure that reflection at Halvad allows for a vision of the future where the past is ever present and relevant in this vibrant emergent locale that seeks to become an international venue for rigorous discourse.